Slutty Lia 19 Is Hot

LOL Lia 19 has always been smoking hot. Still is. She always will be.

Lia 19 is from the FTV Girls website. I’m not sure which came first, Lia 19 or FTV Girls (or Allison Angel for that matter) but it doesn’t matter. They are all hot, and the photography is absolutely fantastic. Lia 19 is surely beautiful and has a killer tight little body. I’m not sure why she is coloring but… It’s kind of hot in a dirty way. Then again Lia 19 always makes me feel naughty in my private parts.

I know Lia 19 personally – she used to be a good friend when I lived in Phoenix and hung out with the FTV Girls crew – and I know she is the kind of girl that is always up for nearly anything. Of course, this includes public nudity. Everyone at FTV Girls is comfortable getting naked outside and that includes Lia 19.

Lia 19 has always had that cute little smile… Of coruse e love it when she’s looking up at us like that too!