Alison Angel Bends Over

One of the things I love about this is blog is that I can write about anything – new or old. Alison Angel might have been around for a long long time, but she still looks smoking hot – and even more so when she’s bending over and showing us how she’s wearing a sexy…

Tight Jean Skirt

We all love the tight jean skirt and Ava Dawn wears it so well. Ava Dawn is just sitting on the couch – laying on the couch really – topless wearing only a jean skirt and her sexy little shoes there… This makes me wonder if Ava Dawn is wearing any panties or not!

Dress Up Fun

Women who dress up – Always hot. Some women dress up for Halloween, but women like Catie Minx dress up just because they like dressing up. It’s smoking fucking hot! And what a great little tight ass Catie Minx has!

Perfect Picture

This is the perfect picture… Tight ass, thong, plaid skirt… And knowing it’s Sweet Krissy and knowing that she is beautiful in front with her huge tits… Yeah, this is perfect all around!

The Perfect Schoolgirl

Alison Angel still makes the most perfect little school girl ever… It’s hot! And when she bends over in that sexy little dress we can see nearly all of her ass – but not enough so that we can see her panties!

Nice Underboobage

I love underboobage. Everyone does. Give Corin Riggs a little jean skirt and a tank top and she’s ready for all kinds of fun and games. She’s so cute, nice and thin… I bet you Corin Riggs likes to be fucked doggie style from behind. You know, that’s how all sluts like it!

Pink Fucking Hair

I’ve always wanted to bang a girl with pink hair and pigtails… Dangerous combination right there! Why not. You only live once and while I feel gay saying that, it’s true. I would so bang Sexy Pattycake. Instantly. No hesitation. I don’t care if her hair is pink. That’s hot. And of course the pig…

Schoolgirl Bending Over

Ann Angel is perfect in every respect. I’ve met her; She’s been to my house… Utterly perfect. Long blonde hair, perfect body, and a willingness to get naked. I bet you she can suck cock with the best of them too! I love this set – she’s like a modern day school girl… And when…

Wet Perky Boobs

I love chicks who wash their own car. Because I’m not doing it for them. Then again, if it was Ann Angel I was banging…. I might be willing to wash her car for her. But then again, when she’s willing to do it in a short skirt and a wet t-shirt with no bra…….

The Perfect Schoolgirl

Alison Angel went to college – at least once. She was wearing a short skirt, and a sexy little thong. When Alison Angel bent over… It was just perfect! Oh yeah, Alison Angel makes the perfect schoolgirl in that short skirt!


I would bang every last FTV girl. I would. I have yet to see a single FTV Girl that I wouldn’t bang as often as I could. The older I get the hotter they seem to get too. This hot FTV Girl is just how I like my chicks – on their knees doggie style….

Skye Model Strips

Skye Model seems to be back. Who wouldn’t want to bang her tight little teen frame until their cocks feel off. I sure would. I love this shot of Skye Model here. I love her sexy little boobies tightly wrapped up in her sexy black bra. She’s wearing a skirt and she’s taking it off,…

Flashing Boobies

These two sluts look like they like to have a lot of fun! This is Ann Angel and her slutty girlfriend Lacey… They were cruising around in their convertible – dressed up like party sluts with plaid school girl skirts and little thigh stockings – and they decided to tease men all around by flashing…