Kylie Belle Is A Tight Piece Of Ass

Meet Kylie Belle from This Year’s Model… She looks like a super tight little piece of ass. Yum.

We all like blondes. Brunettes are a dime a dozen, red heads might be a bit rare, but blondes are so much more fun…. I think it all started wtih the blonde bombshells in Hollywood. No one is going to complain. We all like blondes. I know you do.

Look at Kylie Belle.. with her cute little blonde hair, tight body, and small perky titties. She also looks like a wild a fuck – you know, the kind of chick that would do anything if you ask her to. We like chicks like that.

I would bang her right there on the stairs! And she would love that…

This is what I love about This Year’s Model… they always have the hottest chicks!