Surprise Madden

Oh god what I wouldn’t give to have Madden on my bed on her hands and knees with her tight little teen ass sticking up high in the air? What do they call this? Ass up face down? Smoking hot… Love the thong too! Sort of makes you wish you could just sneak up behind…

Alison Angel Bends Over

One of the things I love about this is blog is that I can write about anything – new or old. Alison Angel might have been around for a long long time, but she still looks smoking hot – and even more so when she’s bending over and showing us how she’s wearing a sexy…

White Stockings

Women wear white stockings only when they want to seriously impress a man… Or when they want to have sex badly and make a lasting impression. When they wear stockings and no panties, that means they plan on having sex and you won’t be looking at another woman for a long long time. It also…

Peachez Doggie Style

Sometimes our favorite solo girls are just too much to handle… Sarah Peachez always gets a rise out of me! Even on a bad day Sarah Peachez would be hard to handle, but when Sarah Peachez is wearing a bikini and is on her hands and knees – doggie style – with her ass up…

Teen Whale Tail

Craving Carmen has been rocking our world for a few years now; We just can’t get enough of her. Smoking fucking hot. Craving Carmen want to tease us a little bit more than usual so she pulled down her blue jeans and showed us her thong… That’s pretty much a whale tail, isn’t it? Hot.

Dress Up Fun

Women who dress up – Always hot. Some women dress up for Halloween, but women like Catie Minx dress up just because they like dressing up. It’s smoking fucking hot! And what a great little tight ass Catie Minx has!

Misty Doggie Style

This is still one of my all time favorite pictures of Misty Anderson… The bustier, the stockings, the thong, the slutty stripper high heels… Her down on her hands and knees doggie style… That’s just a very dangerous combination. And of course Misty Anderson is always smoking hot!

Perfect Picture

This is the perfect picture… Tight ass, thong, plaid skirt… And knowing it’s Sweet Krissy and knowing that she is beautiful in front with her huge tits… Yeah, this is perfect all around!

The Most Perfect Ass

Seems we are on an ass kick today! When Sweet Krissy pulls down her little jean jean skirt and shows off her little ass… That’s perfect. Her ass is perfect, tight, round in all the right places… And that thong that Sweet Krissy has on is fucking beautiful!

Tight Ass In Bikini

Until the day I die I will always love the bikini. It’s the most perfect way of showing off the exact proportions of a woman’s body. Case in point is Catie Minx in a bikini – you can see every inch of her tight little teen ass! Catie Minx must work out!

White Fishnet Stockings

Madden always ALWAYS rocks my world… She’s just way too hot for me to be handling… I can roll with the best of them, the hottest of the hot, but Meet Madden… Might just be a little bit too much for me. Then again, while Meet Madden is smoking hot, I’ve seen some of the…

Spanking Ass

One of the things we like about teens most of all is their asses. Skye Model is the perfect example – she’s got a great ass. In a thong it’s perfect. We all love a beautiful tight ass… And Skye Model loves getting a spanking!

Posing On Car

Why is it that Alison Angel likes posing on sexy sports cars? (Yeah, think it’s just a Mercedes huh? I bet it’s a lot nice than your piece of shit!) I know Alison Angel personally and she’s not the kind of chick to give much thought to what kind of car she drives… But it’s…

Schoolgirl Bending Over

Ann Angel is perfect in every respect. I’ve met her; She’s been to my house… Utterly perfect. Long blonde hair, perfect body, and a willingness to get naked. I bet you she can suck cock with the best of them too! I love this set – she’s like a modern day school girl… And when…