Kari Sweets Is A Lewd Schoolgirl

Yum. Kari Sweets is dressed up like a naughty schoolgirl. And… it looks like she went back to school.

I’ve never met Kari Sweets; She looks very nice and friendly. Dare I say innocent? Yum. That skirt is very short, dangerous short. I mean when Kari Sweets walks in that short skrit you can see her panties. I wonder if she actually goes out dressed like this. Could you just picture running into Kari Sweets in a grocery store dressed like this? She is so short and she would have to reach up to the shelves and we would get a great fucking view of her great fucking ass. I bet you Kari Sweets is wearing a pair of little white panties too because that’s just how she rolls. You know it.

The thigh high stockings Kari Sweets has on are smoking hot too. Have you ever seen a chick like her wear thigh high stockings in public like that?

I wonder where they are shooting these pictures… I feel dirty just thiking about it.

Make no mistake about this… Kari Sweets is a dirty little lewd school girl. Just our kind of girl too! You know you want to hit it and hit it hard!