Spencer Nicks In The Shower

If you have ever wondered what it looks like to see Spencer Nicks naked in the shower, well, here is your chance. We have no idea how chicks like Spencer Nicks shower. If we were Spencer Nicks, we would take off her clothes, step into the shower, run the water, soap up our boobs and…. That’s where you…

Sweet Shower Tease

Looks like Sweet Krissy is just getting out of the shower, and is teasing us with her huge boobies… What a damn tease this bitch is. I swear I want to pin Sweet Krissy up against the shower wall and bang her brains out!

Funny Picture

This is funny…. Brooke Marks was doing a photoshoot in the shower and the photographer (or someone) threw suds at her… And they landed right on her face! Thank god Brooke Marks has a sense of humor!