I would bang every last FTV girl. I would. I have yet to see a single FTV Girl that I wouldn’t bang as often as I could. The older I get the hotter they seem to get too. This hot FTV Girl is just how I like my chicks – on their knees doggie style….

On Her Knees

I am so much a product of the 1980s – I love the big hair and stuff… Oh what a grand time – and chicks were so wild back then. No one was really afraid of banging each other… And I do love it so much when Sarah Peachez dresses up (or undresses) when she’s…

Braided Pigtails

As if Miss Craving Carmen wasn’t perfect in every way, how she’s got her pigtails fucking braided. Nothing says “I am an innocent teen who likes to be fucked doggie style” more than braided pigtails!

Flotation Devices

Well now… Sophia Winters clearly knows how to wear a bikini doesn’t she? Damn, those breasts are so huge that Sophia Winters uses them as a flotation device!

Ready To Play

Short skirt and a top that is easy for Ann Angel to lift up so she can expose her breasts… You can tell that Ann Angel came ready to play!

Legs Up In The Air

This is how I want to see my woman – with their legs spread and up and in the air. You know that Blue Eyed Cass is just playing around here, but what gets me most is that she’s hiding her best asset – her breasts. Blue Eyed Cass has some perfect boobies, so I…

Surprise Madden

Oh god what I wouldn’t give to have Madden on my bed on her hands and knees with her tight little teen ass sticking up high in the air? What do they call this? Ass up face down? Smoking hot… Love the thong too! Sort of makes you wish you could just sneak up behind…

World’s Tightest Ass

Meet Bashful Brittany. She’s got a super tight ass. When she’s bent over like this in her sexy black panties… I get excited just thinking about it. I would walk up behind Bashful Brittany here, spank her ass really good a few times, play with it… Make sure she knows who the boss is, and…

Skye Model Strips

Skye Model seems to be back. Who wouldn’t want to bang her tight little teen frame until their cocks feel off. I sure would. I love this shot of Skye Model here. I love her sexy little boobies tightly wrapped up in her sexy black bra. She’s wearing a skirt and she’s taking it off,…

Hot Alien Rebel

Ariel Rebel is smoking hot, but here she almost looks like an alien – a hot, teen alien. It’s got to the be the big brown eyes Ariel Rebel has. When Ariel Rebel opens up her big brown eyes she looks like a big brown eyed alien. You know, a big brown alien you want…

Small Perky Boobs

Big boobs are lots of fun, but small boobs can be fun too… Private School Jewel likes to wrap up her sexy small but perky boobs in a tight shirt and then wear a little push up bra to make it look like she has as much boobage as possible. Either way it doesn’t matter…

Hungry And Horny!

Nu Girl Maggie Marx…. Naked in the kitchen cooking, making us a sammiewhich…. Perfect! All Maggie Marx is wearing is a little apron. You can walk right up to Maggie Marx and spank her nearly bare ass… Now we are all hungry and horny!

Flawless Breasts

Meet Madden loves showing off… But I think even more Madden likes playing with her perky boobs. She does have flawless breasts… If I had her breasts I’d play with them too!

Aspen Parker

I like fresh meat. And I like teen chicks. Meet Aspen Parker. She’s been around for a long long time, but no one has ever created a site for her. Instead they seem to be putting up her content at The Year’s Model. Not sure what that means, but the site seems to have the…

Masturbating Slut

Craving Carmen is such a hot slut and loves masturbating…. Teen chicks love nothing more than taking off their clothes and getting naked for themselves and playing with their pusses to get off… And nothing could be any hotter! I can watch Craving Carmen masturbate all damn day long… And if I am lucky maybe…

Oh Aspen Parker

Aspen Parker is exactly what the Lewd Fruit blog is supposed to be like…. Complete cuteness. Seriously, Aspen Parker is too cute for words!

Michelle Jean

A woman like Michelle Jean who can take photos AND do HTML is super sexy…. Even more so when they look like this!

Hottest Teen French Maid

A teen chick is never any hotter than when she is all dressed in high heels and stockings and is…. running the vacuum!! Having a hot chick to look and fuck is great, but…. A teen chick who does household chores like cleaning and cooking in lingerie is too hot for words…. Alison Angel is…

Madden In Red Bustier

Well isn’t this just to die for…. Madden in a sexy lingerie – a red bustier and matching high heels. Tell us again how Madden isn’t a stripper because it seems to me like Madden surely has the body of a stripper. We know how she likes horses and blah blah blah her truck,  and we are she spends…

Girlfriend Like Cassidy Cole

Each and every one of us have had a girlfriend like Cassidy Cole. You know the type. Younger, tight, small but perky boobs, pretty but not beautiful. She’s the type of girl you look forward to coming home to because she’s pretty, but you don’t have to worry about some dumb ass trying to score…

Madden’s Pink Bra

Sometimes Madden confuses us…. Sometimes when we see pictures of Madden she looks like she has a fairly good sized rock and a decent amount of cleavage. Then we see a picture of her like this and it looks like she has tiny perky little boobs. At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter much…

Brooke Marks Looks Sexy In Her Panties

Freaking Brooke Marks is another one of those chicks who still looks as hot as she did four or five years ago. It’s amazing how some of these chicks grow up and look completely different, while other chicks look like they haven’t aged a day. Another thing men will never understand is why women lay…

Pink Bra

You fuckers are so lucky today… All of the chicks we bang now have pretty bras, none of these dull white or boring tan bras. Now they have bras of all colors, and they are all beautiful. Seems to me titties are bigger than I remember from my youth too. Sweet Krissy loves showing off…

Odd Porn

I like Ariel Rebel as much as the next guy, but sometimes porn can be odd… Then again, leave it to Ariel Rebel to make it as odd as possible. I have no idea what Ariel Rebel is doing here – she’s holding up a freaking skull – but oddly enough in a strange way…

Downward Facing Dog

Cassidy Cole is practicing yoga… In her sexy little yoga pants. Not yet the downward facing dog, but close enough – and we can just imagine that Cassidy Cole loves it doggie style!

Fucking Yum

Private School Jewel is like fifty shades of fucking yum! Love her face, her flat belly, her small titties, and… Her sexy white panties!

Catie’s Panties Down

When fucking Catie Minx slides her panties down around her knees we know exactly what’s about to happen… Catie Minx can have any man she wants, but she’s still super horny… And she loves to masturbate!

Playing With Titties

While I am thinking about titties, maybe I should post up Ann Angel… She’s got a great rack too. And best of all she likes playing with her titties!

Bikini Sisters

Ann Angel and Annabelle Angel… They make the most perfect lesbian tag team – in bikinis none the less. Hot teen bodies, in bikinis, touching each other…. I want to fuck them both!

Tits And Ass

Is it me or do teen chicks like showing off their tight little asses? Tits and ass, that’s what it’s all about. And Hailey Marie has just the right amount of both!

Looking Down At Peachez

Now this is what I am talking about – and dreaming about. When I look down, this is what I want to see – Sarah Peachez on her knees in front of me. I’ve always wondered what this would look like, and now I know. Sigh. I bet you it’s worth the wait too. I…

Sexy Black Stockings

I’ve had a crush on Brooke Marks ever since I can remember. How can you not? She’s hot and blonde, nice and perky… . I always say “And they like to get naked online”. That might have been a great quality in a teen hottie ten years ago, but now pretty much all teen chicks…

Hot Catie Minx

We still don’t know why women don’t wear stockings and pantyhose much more often – the are so hot! Seems Catie Minx isn’t afraid of show off… But I don’ think Catie Minx is wearing any panties. You won’t catch us complaining!

Jewel Always Smiles

Every time we see Private School Jewel she’s smiling… That’s out type of girl. Not only does Private School Jewel have her titties out, but she’s also sliding her panties down below her knees…. Someone is about to get lucky!

Pillow Humping

Meet Madden is humping a pillow – riding it. Right about now I am wishing I was a pillow and that Madden was riding on top of me! You too?

Alison Angel Workout

Watching Alison Angel work out is better than having sexy with her… Okay, maybe not, but damn close… At least know we know how Alison Angel keeps her sexy blonde body so damn tight!

Sexy Maggie Marx

Yummy – Meet Maggie Marx. She’s a hottie – and she loves checking herself out in the mirror too. Nice little tight ass that looks perfect in those panties!

High Heels When Fucking

Who doesn’t want Meet Madden and her tight ass sitting on top of your cock? Right? Sweet. Love the high heels. I love chicks like Meet Madden who wear high heels when they fuck!

Faye’s Lesbian Kiss

I can watch lesbians make out all day, and if Faye Reagan is involved… I’d pay money to watch them make out really. Any time Faye Reagan does anything I have money in hand and I am on board!

Motorboat Boobies

What she’s got is not a lot, but Chase The Hottie knows how to bring it… Don’t you just want to motorboat her boobies? I know, right?

Here Kitty Kitty

Now this is what you call a sexy kitty… I know that Catie Minx likes to play dress up – she takes to the next level – and what she’s wearing now is super sexy… Well, it’s less about what she is wearing and more about what she isn’t wearing… I like the sexy little…

Great Ass Shot

Damn… What a great view this is. I always thought that the best view would be looking down some chick’s skirt, never a pussy shot of Diddy from behind with her legs spread like this. That’s um… One step away from being a porn star! Note the lack of a tramp stamp. Surprise! I just…

My Redhead

If I could have any red head in the world, hands down I would pick Faye Reagan. She’s just a sexy ball of fire red hair that seems to be willing to do anything. I mean, Faye Reagan just doesn’t know how to say no…. It’s sexy crazy hot! I would make Faye Reagan my…

Bree Morgan Roxxx

We aren’t sure if we should call her Bree Roxxx Or Bree Morgan. Does it really make a difference? Well, not really when she’s got an ass like she has… That is a perfect little teen ass in a hot little thong… My god my god oh the things we could do to Bree Morgan…