Hot Blonde Teen Chick With Perky Rack

The title “hot blonde teen chick with perky rack” seems to fit just perfectly for Alison Angel

She sure is a looker, however. Yum. Alison Angel is smoking hot and still the number one solo girl in my book. I like Alison Angel more than I like Destiny Moody, and that says a lot. Don’t tell anyone I told you but I think she is a nurse now… But doesn’t that make it all that much more hotter? Come on, I know you like it when chicks dress up… They play the slutty cheerleader, the french maid, and of course the nurse…. But in this case Alison Angel is actualliy a nurse. So when she wears that little white nurse uniform with her tities push up and out… You can just imagine this is what she wears when she goes to work.

Even better, Alison Angel wouldn’t need to act… She can just use the same things she says during her day job!

And those tities! Alison Angel has alreays had a grade A fantastic little rack. Trust me, watching her doing jumping jacks is a great way to spend your free time.

Sigh. I love Alison Angel.