Shayla From FTV Girls

It’s always lots of fun when chicks go from solo girl status like at FTV Girls and on to be full fledged porn stars. That’s exactly what Shayla Jennings did. Yum.

I know how it works. You find a twenty or twenty-one year old chick, maybe in college or maybe not, and you offer them a modeling gig. You tell me they they will be posing naked, nothing bad, no hard core. They can work full time at a gas station or some crappy fast food place making minimum wage and hating life, or they can make a lot more money doing a lot less work. It’s addicting. They make really good money at first. But eventually interest in their site starts to drop and the site starts making less and less money… Their fans have moved onto something else and in order to get their attention back a model has to do “more”. They start off slowly with some solo masturbation stuff, maybe some girl girl stuff, and eventually… They find themselves doing hard core stuff. That’s what Shayla Jennings did. She started modeling for a few small sites, made it to FTV GIrls (which is a really good site, btw) and eventually opened up her own website.  After a year or so he site wasn’t doing as good, she wasn’t making as much, and had to do… More.

Eventually she was out doing full on hardcore stuff. Good times. Who in their right mind doesn’t want to see Shayla Jennings doing hardcore?

But for right now we’ll take her doing naughty stuff for FTV Girls….