Private School Jewel Likes Chicks

One of the hottest things about chicks under the age of thirty that is that all seem to have one thing in common…. They all seem to like girls.

Think about it for a moment… Ask your best guy friend how many men they’ve made out with and most likely they will say “bagel” (zero). Men aren’t into men. Okay, some are, but most men are into chicks and that’s that. But with chicks, even more so with chicks under the age of thirty… They seem to have no problem exploring their sexuality with other chicks.  Do you want your girlfriend to make out with her best girlfriend? She might just do it. Of course, a few drinks will help losen her up. And if you are really into such things – and you really should be – you can slowly work your girlfriend into a threesome with her friends. Oh, I know every chick I’ve ever dated has been willing to have a few threesomes with her girlfriends.

Obviously Private School Jewel here is all into getting it on with other girls… But then again, what twenty year old hottie isn’t into other girls? Yes, Private School Jewel is all up in it… This time she’s getting it on with Lia 19 and we all know how much she likes banging other chicks… Come to think of it I’ve never seen Lia 19 with a guy…. She’s always been all about the chicks.

I can watch Private School Jewel and Lia 19 go at it all day long at the pool…. I would love to go swimming with them for sure!

Don’t you wish you could go swimming with Private School Jewel and Lia 19? When they get naked in the pool it’s too hot for us mere mortals to handle, that’s for sure!

We so need to get Private School Jewel and Lia 19 together once again!