Ariel Rebel Topless Outside

Who hasn’t wanted to bang a spinner all their life?

Every time I think about Ariel Rebel, I think of her as a spinner. She’s short and tight with small little boobs, and that’s what I consider a spinner.

At the very same time, Ariel Rebel is the kind of chick that will try anything once. We all like girls that are adventurous… No one likes a girl who likes to stay at home and not do anything, unless “not doing anything” translates into spending a lot of time fucking. Ariel Rebel strikes me as the type of girl that can be on bottom one moment, enjoying the motion, on top the next moment taking charge and kicking ass, and then the next moment taking to your mother on the phone about baking cookies for the holidays. That’s the kind of woman you want to bang. That’s the kind of woman you want to bring home to meet your mother. It’s entirely possible that Ariel Rebel is marrigage material, life time marriage material.

I would so bang Ariel Rebel.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Ariel Rebel; Her dog bit me once. (true story!) She’s a lot of fun to hang out with!

And she doesn’t say no.