Melissa Midwest

I wonder if any one you remember Melissa Midwest. Yum. She was a hot, tall, tight little piece of lewd fruit with blonde hair that had a knack for getting naked and performing crazy sex acts and getting into trouble. She was a huge amount of fun.

I don’t always get to meet all of the solo girls but Melissa Midwest I did in fact meet a handful of times… Mostly at shows. I remember one time in Vegas we were stuck in traffic a huge limo driving into a casino, the driver couldn’t let us out, the limo only unlocked from the outside…. So Melissa Midwest climbed out through a sun roof and opened the limo door from outside to set us free.

Oh, Melissa Midwest was so much fun. She was the  kind of girl that if you knew her and you asked (nicely) to take some dirty photos with you at a show… She most likely would. You know, all in the name of marketing. And good fun.

Here she is getting a tan.

And girls. Melissa Midwest loved girls. All kinds of girls. She was always willing to get it on with a girl…

Well, it turns out Melissa Midwest is… back. All we have to go on so far is an announcement so we’ll see. No new photos to see if she was rode hard and put away wet or what not. But I would gladly pay to see her naked again.