Madden Is A Piece Of Lewd Fruit

Damn Madden is a super hot piece of lewd fruit…. Super tight. And super hot.

I love the blonde hair and the brown eyes, and that dirty little look on her face…. She looks like she likes to fuck. Madden looks like she’s horny and down to fuck (DTF). I bet you she is a dirty little whore in the bedroom too. I mean, I don’t like to talk bad about her. I’ve never met Madden but I’ve been writing about her so long that I feel like I know her. She comes across as being so cute, so nice, but sometimes I see a little bit of a stripper in her. I swear Madden must be a stripper. But then again all chicks are little sluts in bed. Don’t tell me chicks who go to church don’t go home and and fuck like little whores.

Madden is so hot. Damn.

And those titties are so fucking hot!