Lia 19 And Allison Angel

Lia 19 is smoking hot on any given day. There is really no mistaking that. Not only is she easy on the eyes but she’s a ball full of energy. She is just non stop. She might be a handful, a little bit of drama, but at the end of the it’s so well worth the effort. I mean, who wouldn’t want to fuck Lia 19 sixteen different ways from next Tuesday? I bet you that Lia 19  likes butt stuff too.

And then we find out that Lia 19 is only one half of a dynamic duo… Sort of like Lucy and Ethel. I’m not sure which one is more dangerous – Lia 19 or her best friend Alison Angel. But wait, it gets better. They do stuff together. All women are lesbians, some more than others. Lia 19 and Allison Angel… Secretly I think they are in love with each other.

Now imagine Lia 19 and Allison Angel posing in front of a Lambo… If this doesn’t make you fucking rock hard…. Nothing will.

My god. Imagine a threesome with Lia 19 and Allison Angel. If that doesn’t kill you nothing will.

Allison Angel is a bit on the wild side too, but Lia 19 is the wild and crazy one. Allison can keep up, but Lia 19 is the kind to try anything twice.