Dirty Aly Has Perky Boobs

I’ve worked in the adult industry for a long time… I’ve seen it all. Most of them I’ve forgotten. But this one story sticks with me… I’ll never forget it. It’s a story about Dirty Aly, a hot young perky blonde teen with the cutest boobs ever. Every now and then you just hit the jackpot.

Dirty Aly called our model hotline and told us it was her 18th birthday. She had wanted to be a stripper and wanted to start work on her 18th birthday, but it turns out in Arizona you need to get a special license and it takes a few weeks to get it. She wanted to get naked, she wanted to show the world her body, and she was in a hurry. (I am so not making this story up.) She showed up this morning, gave us her ID, she was in fact 18 so… We started to prep for her very first photo shoot. “Prepping” for a photoshoot usually isn’t too exciting or overly complicated, but in this case we decided to get her a… birthday cake. Seriously, not making this up. We did the photoshoot – she was a natural – and we had a blast. Dirty Aly was always one of my favorite Lightspeed Girls.

Dirty Aly is nice and perky….

I wish we could see a lot more of Dirty Aly