Who Doesn’t Want To Bang Raven Riley

I’ll never forget the first time I met Raven Riley. I as at a porn convention in San Diego (yes, we have porn conventions lol) when suddenly this cheerleader came out and came right up to me, sat on my lap, and started grinding me…. That’s a great way to make an introduction. She was super cute, smelled great, and it was a great laptop dance. She was wearing a cheerleading uniform and I found out later that Raven Riley wasn’t wearing any panties… She instantly become one of my top ten favorite solo girls.

She’s so cute and easy on the eyes…. And nice firm perky titties too! Yum. I imagine she would be a fucking fire cracker in bed…. She is not one to lay there like a dead fish that’s for sure. Raven Riley would be a wild fuck, that’s for sure.

I could get lost in her eyes. And Raven Riley has the most perfect little titties I’ve ever seen.