Tight Teen Ass In Tight Dress

Who here believes in love at first sight? LOL. That’s what happened the first time I laid eyes on Sweet Krissy here. In fact, is was this exact picture – Sweet Krissy was wearing this very dress the first time I met her in person. Her dress was super tight and super short and her boobs were hanging out on display and it was oh so fucking hot… Since then I have become a complete boob man and when chicks like Sweet Krissy have her boobies out it’s super fun….. Yum!

Poor Sweet Krissy… She could barely move in that tight little dress of hers. Any move she made it was like she might flash us or her boobs might just fall out of that dress…. That’s exaclty what every man wants, isn’t it? Of coruse knowing Sweet Krissy like I know her… You could just imagine she wasn’t wearing any panties which only makes it ten times hotter – knowing that at any moment yu could hike up her dress and have sex with her. Super easy access.

That’s what Sweet Krissy is all about…. Tight short dresses wand easy access!

Oh god the things I want to do with Sweet Krissy if I ever got the chance….. I would bend her over in that tight little dress and tear into her from behind up against a door!