Tight Halloween Sluts

Don’t you just love Halloween? Now I know Halloween was months ago but looking back over our huge catalog of photos of hot naked chicks we came across this one and… Super fucking hot!

Looks like Catie Minx wanted to be a little slutty gangster girl from the 1920s… Super hot!

The best part of this photo of Catie Minx is the fact that she is wearing a short little “gangster” skirt and of course no panties. Okay, maybe Catie Minx had some panties on but some where along the line they got lost. I know how you feel – you see a cute chick shopping at the mall and she’s wearing a skirt and you are wondering if she is wearing any panties… It always makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Today Catie Minx shows us some chicks don’t wear panties! And it’s super hot!