Teen Hottie Alicia Raven Is Yum

The entire concept of the Lewd Fruit is young, dumb college chicks… Nineteen and twenty year old chicks, perhaps even twenty-one. Even anything under the age of twenty-five… We just like them super dumb so we can get them to do all kinds of naughty things….

This is Alicia Raven from This Year’s Model. Yum. I am not sure if Alicia Raven is an actual naughty school girl or if she just likes dressing up as one. Either way she’s super hot and super slutty. She has just the right boobs for a college chick that is super dumb and super willing to do what ever we want… She looks like the kind of chick that isn’t afraid to say no but yet still is willing to try nearly anything….

Chicks like Alicia Raven like to please people….

Not sure if Alicia Raven can make that skirt any shorter there… But we wouldn’t mind watching her bend over a little bit.