Teen Deja Is Still Sexy

Each and every one of us has that one that got away. The chick you wished you smashed two or three times a day for a few months or until your private parts were raw and you had trouble walking. Teen Deja was one such chick.

Teen Deja was a solo girl that was around for a few years. We used to hang out. In fact, Teen Deja and I (and a lot of our friends) used to go to Mexico every year. Hanging out with hot solo girls that wear skimpy clothes is always fun and even more so when there is no such thing as drinking age. Those were good times. Oh, I have some pictures of Teen Deja that I can never post any where.

Look at those boobies. So damn sexy. The perfect size for playing with…. And maybe a titty fuck.

The rest of Teen Deja is super sexy too… Great little ass, tiny waist…. You might as well call Teen Deja a spinner. She could easily sit on top of you and rock your world and spin around! And you know Teen Deja loves to fuck doggie style.

I bet you if you get enough drinks in her… She would easily do some girl girl stuff!