Spencer Nicks Naked In Car

We all want to have fun, right? When you are dating you need that right combination of beautiful / sex, fun, and perhaps just a little bit dangerous. You don’t want a woman that comes home from work and does housework, makes dinner, and then falls asleep reading a book every night. Not much fun in that. You want a chick that comes home, drinks a little win, drinks a little more wine, and by the time you come home you aren’t sure if you are getting laid or walking to the boxing ring.

You like a little adventure, right? Spencer Nicks might be the girl for you. She’s full of adventure. In fact, she’s the kind of chick that likes to get naked outside…. or in your car. Road head? She’s in. Spencer Nicks always likes giving head when you are driving. Of course if you want to take pictures of Spencer Nicks naked in your car, well, she is up for that as well….

And her big boobs… She loves showing those off too!