Smoking Hot Shayla Jennings

Shayla Jennings must be the most under appreciated solo girl in the entire adult industry… She is just as hot as Destiny Moody – who is considered to be the hottest solo girl of all time -and she is just as willing. And she looks oh so fucking sexy…

Maybe Shayla Jennings doesn’t have boobs as big as Destiny Moody but Shayla Jennings has enough boobs to make it worth our while. So long as they have somthing for boobs they are fun to play with, fun to look at, and fun to watch when they are riding on top of us and their boobs are bouncing up and down or even better yet when we bang them doggie style. We all know how much teen chicks like to be banged doggie style – it’s their favorite position.

You can bet your next paycheck that Shayla Jennings likes to be banged doggie style from behind like a little slut.

Shayla Jennings is oh so fucking hot.

Not only is Shayla Jennings perfect in every way but those eyes are super sexy too!

Of course we have photos of Shayla Jennings getting it on with other chicks too. All chicks her age are into other girls – it’s just a matter of how much encouragement you give them and how much they’ve had to drink! Shayla Jennings likes girls as much as we do!