Skye Model’s White Bikini

Who doesn’t like short skinny chicks? Right?

This is Skye Model. This picture is a few years old now and I hope her boobs are a little bigger now. But that wouldn’t stop me from banging the living daylights out of her. I mean, I would so smash her. Hard. Twice, In the rain.

With a tiny little frame like Skye Model has it must be fun to put her up on your lap and bounce her around while she rides your cock…. Skye Model doesn’t have the boobs to bounce around, but she would still ride you like a cowgirl… Yeah, Skye Model likes to ride cock. She also likes to get fucked from behind doggie style.

I would bang Skye Model.

Now this makes me wonder what Skye Model looks like today… I bet you she’s hotter than ever before….

I wonder if Skye Model likes banging other chicks – and threesomes.