Skye Model Yum

They say that some days are better than others. I believe that is true. But you can also say some woman are better than others.

In this case we have Skye Model. Now, there are going to be some areas where Skye Model doesn’t cut it. She’s a cute little teen chick, maybe all of 18 or 19 years old. She might not be too smart…. But my god Skye Model is easy on the eyes. Super easy on the eyes. And super tight too. Look at her waist – she’s super tiny. I bet you she weighs about 95 pounds soaking wet fresh out of the shower. (You know how woman smell when they walk out of the shower? Imagine Skye Model smelling like that and wearing nothing more than a towel around her head…. Yum!)

Tight little ass, skinny waist, flat little belly, cute perky little tits…. blonde hair…. And can suck cock like you wouldn’t believe.

She’s so skinny that you could bounce her around on top of your cock with very little effort. That’s always fun too. Yum.

Being as Skye Model is so young you know she’s dumb and can be talked into anything. One day she’ll be bored and you can say something like “Hey, I’m bored, let’s call your best friend and have her come over and we can have sex with her” and Skye Model will be like “mkay”. Of course. Chicks like Skye Model are always up for something new…. And so damn easy on the eyes too.