Shayla Jennings At FTV Girls

Who remembers Shayla Jennings? We do. In fact, we find it hard to forget her.

Shayla Jennings is one of those chicks who started off as a solo girl and then got hooked. It’s addicting when you are young and tight and oh so beautiful. It’s easy money. Chicks be like “You want to pay me $200 just to take off my close and pose for some cute Playboy like pictures? Yes please”. Once they are hooked it’s worse than crack. It doesn’t happen to all of the solo girls; Some of them are able to walk away. But most of us are addicted to money one way or another.

Once Shayla Jennings got hooked she wanted to do it all… And she did. Eventually she was doing some fun hard core stuff! It’s always amusing to see innocent solo girls doing hardcore stuff!