Sexy PattyCake With Cupcakes

This is cute. Sexy Pattycake with cupcakes. There is even a cupcake on her shirt. With a cherry on top. Someone thought this photo shoot out.

You would think Sexy Pattycake would be my type of chick. Blonde with big boobs and willingness to get naked online. I love women who are free spirited. For some reason she never did it for me. She’s cute but I like sexy with stockings and high heels. Sexy Pattycake likes to “play” in her photoshoots… I want sexy, not playful. But yet ironically Sexy Pattycake has always been a good seller over my network of solo girl blogs. It makes sense – she’s hot. And has big boobs. And she loves to parade around in her panties.

And everyone likes girls who like to spend their free time in their panties…

Don’t get me wrong if Sexy Pattycake so much as shot a look in my direction I would move heaven and earth to get her in bed naked. Those titties…. You can’t see them here but Sexy Pattycake has a great fucking rack – lots of huge boobs. Everyone likes the boobs. And Sexy Pattycake has plenty of boobs to go around. You know the deal with teen chicks like Sexy Pattycake with huge boobs – fun to look at, fun to play with!

I do adore Sexy Pattycake.