Remembering Faye Reagan

Remember when that tight piece of ass Faye Reagan was everywhere? Oh those were the good days.

She started off as a little known solo girl but never got her own website… Which is a damn shame. I guess she did get her own website but that was after the fact when someone was just buying up her pictures and making money off of her without her even getting a cut. On one hand that’s not fair but on the other hand who the fuck cares so long as we get to see pictures of Faye Reagan naked?

Eventually she moved over to hard core, made big money, got into god only knows whatever and went off the rails as women usually do when you give them too much money and leave them to their own devices. Some of them spend that money on clothes but others spend it on drinking and drugs and got only knows. I heard rumors but nothing I could confirm or should repeat here. I never met Faye Reagan but my god I wanted to fuck her so hard. I wanted to fuck her so hard it hurts. My god I would love to tap that sweet ass.

This is Faye Reagan in the classic ass up face down position… She wants to be fucked doggie style. Faye Reagan likes it like that.

She wants us to run a train on her.