Princess Blue Eyez Is Still Hot

Some of you might remember Princess Blue Eyez from Phil Flash…. Phil and I are old school friends, although I haven’t seen him some time. Great guy, great photograher. He’s well known in the adult industry for bringing some of the hottest soli girls into the industry. Some people just have a knack for working with porno chicks, and Phil is one of them.

Next Door Nikki might be my favorite Phil Flash girl, but Princess Blue Eyez is a close second. She looks just like the real girl next door. This is why I loved working in the solo girl side of adult; All of the chicks were actually the real next door girl. And Princess Blue Eyez was one of those lived next door.

As you watch Princess Blue Eyez on video or in the pictures, you can imagine her living next door or in the apartment above you… In fact, that’s how I got into the solo girl market – I asked the chick who lived up stairs above me if she wanted to pose for me. I gave her some cash and built my first website… I bet Phil Flash has a similar story!

Princess Blue Eyez is so pretty!

Who wouldn’t want to spend a lot of high quality bonding time with Princess Blue Eyez?