Misty Anderson Was Some Lewd Fruit

No links today, instead just an old school dirty picture of Misty Anderson and some chick she was banging.

Misty Anderson no longer has a site which is a crime really. She was hot and always up to do anything. There is a video of her on PornHub (don’t deny it, I know you check out PornHub on a regular basis) of her and some chick banging each other… Super fucking hot. Misty Anderson had the perfect body, the perfect tits, and with her willingness to fuck nearly any chick at the drop of a hat she was super popular back in the day.

Looks like they both have great tits here…

I guess this other chick is Megan Summers; I don’t know much about her. Other than the fact that she is a lesbian, loves lesbian sex, and has a great rack, I don’t know anything else about her.

I still follow Misty Anderson to this very day; She is a bartender at a casino. And she’s still as hot as when she was a lewd piece of fruit.