Melissa Midwest Takes A Bath

All chicks like taking baths. It’s a very odd thing. They like to run the bath, lock the door, take off their clothes, and do their thing…. At first I didn’t understand it. Why do women like taking baths so much? They key thing here is “lock the door” and then “take off their clothes”.  Why would women like to lock the door and then take off their clothes? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out… It’ s their special “quiet time”. When they are alone. And naked. And behind a locked door.

Not to mention a pulsating jet they can pretty much mount in the tub.

You figured it out. Yes, women go to the bathroom, lock the door, and get naked so they can get themselves off. They like to masturbate in the bath. A LOT.

Check out Melissa Midwest having her “quiet time”. This is hot and sexy.

Then again Melissa Midwest has always been hot and sexy. She is a wild one. She’s been arrested more than once for doing dirty stuff… That’s our kind of girl.

Not sure what she is up to these days…. She said she was relaunching her new site but nothing ever came of it… That would be super hot if she did!