Madden’s Pink Bra

Sometimes Madden confuses us…. Sometimes when we see pictures of Madden she looks like she has a fairly good sized rock and a decent amount of cleavage. Then we see a picture of her like this and it looks like she has tiny perky little boobs. At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter much does it? Boobs are boobs. It doesn’t matter to us if they have big boobs or small boobs so long as we have something to play with…. No matter what Madden looks like she would be a lot of fun!

We still remember our first time being in her members area. She was driving around in her big jacked up truck, driving through the country side when suddenly Madden decided she needed to stop and talk to the horses…. That’s right – She just pulled over, jumped over a fence, and started talking and hanging out with someone’s horses. When you look at Madden you see a blonde teen chick who looks like she lives in Southern California, but the truth is she is much more of a country girl. And country girls can be so hot.

The reason why country girls like Madden are hot is because they exist in two different worlds. Madden is a great example. You take one look at her and you think she is a college girl attending school in San Diego. You can even picture her playing volleyball at the beach. Then in another photo you see her in her tight little jeans and cowgirl boots (cowboy boots? Not sure of which is proper here!) and she looks right at home in her big truck, jumping fences, and talking to horses.

With a chick like Madden you just never know what you might get. But after taking a close look at her, this country girl might be a stripper too…. Either that or she works out a lot!