Madden Is Really Physically Fit

Madden is really in good shape.

Years ago I was really good friends with Misty Anderson. She was a hot. She started off as a bikini model and then eventually got into some borderline hardcore stuff – all good fun. But somewhere along the line she was a fitness model. Misty Anderson really liked to work out. She worked out daily. We would go to conventions together and she would work out every morning. She always looked good.

I’ve never seen Madden work out, at least not that I can remember. I don’t recall her ever mentioning it. But clearly she is in good shape. I’ve always wondered if Madden worked as a stripper or if she works as a stripper. She’s got the body for it, and every now and then I swear she’s got the moves of a stripper…. Just the way she poses screams “I am a stripper”. You know, ass up face down and all of that. Good old fashion fun.

One of the things that makes strippers so hot is that with their dancing they really now how to move and that translates into how they move in bed… Strippers are just really good fucks. I bet Madden is a really good fuck. She knows all of the right moves.