Lesbians In Bikinis

No matter what, one thing is always true…. All women are lesbians. This is just a fact. Women are hot, men are hairy and smelly. And rude. All women like women.

Case in point is Ann Angel and Annabelle Angel. Now, Annabelle Angel no longer has a site up which is a massive disappointment. Dont’ get me wrong, Ann Angel is hot, but I think Annabelle Angel is hotter. Then again, blondes do have more fun…

Looks like Ann Angel is really into Annablle Angel here…. She’s got that bikini top off and is gently cupping Annabelle’s breast…. Sigh, breasts. Women like breasts too. Who doesn’t? Breasts make everyone happy, right?

And you know… You’ve seen chicks checking out other woman’s breasts before… They like breasts as much as we do!

No matter what thought… Ann Angel is into it. Two hot women in bikinis… That’s a good start to a good day!