I Would Lick Private School Jewel’s Lewd Fruit

Don’t kid yourself, if you ever got the chance you would lick Private School Jewel’s lewd fruit…. I don’t make a reference to Face Off and their “I can eat a peach for hours” comment (although I just did), but if you got the chance you know you would. I would lick her in the places where the sun doesn’t shine. And from the look of Private School Jewel… She looks so clean. I bet she’s the type of chick that would never go fishing no less want to do anything that would get her sweaty…. Except for sex of course.

I bet Private School Jewel is a little sex demon. I believe she actually attended private school, so you know she must be horny as all hell. All of those private school girls are always so horny!

Oh, the things we could do with Private School Jewel…..