Hunting Hunter

There used to be a solo girl named Hunter Leigh and OMG… this chick has the most flawless boobs I’ve ever seen. I mean, if you were to walk into a doctor’s office and tell them you wanted the most perfect boobs in the world this is exactly what they would look like. You can fall in love with a chick like this – easily.

You could easily fall in love with a woman like this… dark hair, pretty eyes… Her she is in a dress with her titties out and her panties sliding down to her knees. And you know what means when the panties come down around a woman’s knees – one the panties pass the knees it means someone is getting laid. It’s not like a woman could say “I changed my mind” and pull her panties up. Well, I guess they can but…. I have yet to see that happen.

Hunter Leigh is oh so cute. It’s such a damn shame her website is no longer working.