Hailey’s Hideaway

Any of you remember Hailey’s Hideaway? Yum.

I don’t like chicks with tattoos. Why mark up something that is beautiful? It’s like putting bumper stickers on a Ferrari. You just don’t do that. Not sure why but Hailey’s Hideaway has a tattoo on her arm. Just seems out of place on a chick who is so freaking hot. But it’s easy enough to over look. You aren’t fucking her arm now are you?

Look at those boobs she has… Those are some huge perky boobs. I am not sure how old Hailey’s Hideaway was when this picture was taken; I am guessing nineteen or twenty, maybe twenty-one. Chicks her age don’t usually have huge boobs. When they do they are big all around and I’m not into that. We like hot chicks, not big chicks with big curves. But Hailey’s Hideaway has all of the curves in all of the right places. It’s fucking hot.

Here she is in a little skirt with her boobies sticking out… very much hotness yes yes!

Don’t you wish all college girls dressed like Hailey’s Hideaway is d