Girlfriend Like Cassidy Cole

Each and every one of us have had a girlfriend like Cassidy Cole. You know the type. Younger, tight, small but perky boobs, pretty but not beautiful. She’s the type of girl you look forward to coming home to because she’s pretty, but you don’t have to worry about some dumb ass trying to score with your babe. Cassidy Cole is a nice girl, the kind girl you can bring home to your parents and the kind of chick who would never get pissy with a fast food worker. She might be fun in bed – she’s so light you can toss her right and let her ride on top of you – but you know she’s just not the chick you want to marry.

Don’t get us wrong – you wouldn’t say no to Cassidy Cole…. She just needs to do some growing up before she’s ready to a long term commitment.

Imagine knocking up Cassidy Cole…. She’s so tiny she would look funny knocked up! Then again, we guess her boobs would get huge too!

Those small perky boobs are nice!