FTV Girl Has Big Boobs

The girls on Lewd Fruit tend to have smaller boobs, but as a man I can appreciate a chick with a good rack. The problem is the bigger the boobs the bigger the chick. I like a little bit of meat on the body but  not too much. This is where FTV Girl Addison comes in. She’s got the perfect size going on. She’s got a nice full rack, not too big, but isn’t thick in the middle. She’s just about right.

But isn’t that what you expect from an FTV Girl?

I love how FTV Girls still does the public nudity thing…. So freaking hot!

All of the chicks on FTV Girls are always smoking hot. If that’s not enough, you need to keep in mind there is nearly twenty years of content on their website.  All of it is good, lots of college girls getting naked… Isn’t that what you want to see the most of? Yum.