Everyone Wants To Ride Teen Zoey Ryder

This right here is exactly what Lewd Fruit is all about… Young dumb girls who we can talk into getting naked at the drop of a hat. That’s Zoey Ryder. She was always so gullable. And so sweet too.

I bet you that Zoey Rider is the type of chick that likes to be on top all of the time… That’s just the kind of girl she is. She looks shy, but she’s really not.  It’s misleading. Instead, she’s the kind of chick that would push you down on the bed, rip out your cock, and then mount your hard cock and ride it until she got off…. And maybe if you are lucky she would finish you off too.

I bet you Zoey Ryder is one wild ride.


Seems to me her site is longer online. What a damn shame.