Destiny Moody Is Dirty

Yum. Destiny Moody is always smoking hot.

Usually here on the Lewd Fruit blog we like to post about cute and hot women that we consider “easy”, sort of “low hanging fruit”. Easy to get them naked and easy to get them to fuck you. We aren’t sure if Destiny Moody is on that list. But by the love of god, she sure is easy on the eyes. Perfect body, perfect breasts, perfect face. If we had the chance with her we would give her our monthly salary every month… And then get a second  job and give her that money too. Destiny Moody is worth it. She’s a million bucks.

We swear… If Destiny Moody wasn’t in porn with her own solo girl site, she would be a super model right now…. She’s that hot. Yes, Destiny Moody is that hot!