Destiny Moody Has Long Legs

In this photo of Destiny Moody she looks like she has a little bit of an attitude… It’s the way she’s pouting her lips. It sort of makes you want to smack her ass nice and hard a few times to wipe that smirk off of her face… Trust me when I tell you that Destiny Moody has the perfectly little formed ass and it’s nice and tight…. And you know that Destiny Moody likes spankings!

Destiny Moody has a body to die for!

Destiny Moody has always had a great body… One of the best. Her breasts are just the perfect size – big enough to play with and look at, but not enough to get in the way or strike you in the face when she’s riding on top of you. She’s perfect.

While I don’t think Destiny Moody would accept money for sex, I would gladly pay her any amount she asked for…. That reminds me of a story. One time one of our models was working part time in a strip club and I was out entertaining a friend. I pulled out $5k cash to impress him. We visited my model friend I asked her how much for a night of “anything I wanted”. She told me “Five thousand dollars” which was exactly how much I had on me at the moment. I pulled out the money and she was stunned. But yes, I would gladly pay Destiny Moody $5k for a night of “anything I want”.

She would be damn worth it too.