Destiny Moody And Her Whip

Every man has their fantasies and their crazy dreams. There are all kinds of kinks out there. I know you are a little pervert; Aren’t we all?

Imagine walking in on Destiny Moody when she’s dressed up in black high heels, black thigh high stockings, her boobies out… And a whip in her hand.

On any given day Destiny Moody is a handful. She’s just too much woman for any one man to handle. I mean someone somewhere is trying to keep her happy, working overtime to keep her happy but… That’s just too difficult to handle. I wonder if she is worth it.

Why does Destiny Moody have a whip in her hand?

Women with whips scare me. Even if I just saw one in her closet I would be concerned. I don’t mind spanking a woman’s bottom (over and over again) but having a woman spank me does not sound like fun at all… But I think I would let Destiny Moody spank me. Lightly. Or maybe as hard as she wants if she promises to let me fuck her brains out.