Crazy Hot Sexy Katie Minx

Every now and then you meet a chick that is just too hot for words…. You look over every inch of their body and you cannot find a single thing wrong with her. When a chick has perfect legs, great ass, flat belly, perky tits, sexy long hair, a beautiful face… AND – most importantly – a burning desire to dress up sexy to entertain us and then take off all of her clothes… to keep us entertained!

Meet Katie Minx. I am stunned that I haven’t posted her here before.  She’s flawless, perfect in every way, and gets off getting naked… She’s got small tits which is great – big enough to show off but not big enough to get in the way when she’s riding on top…

Look at those legs… I bet Katie Minx isn’t wearing any panties under that skirt either! That’s the kind of chick Katie Minx is!

We need to see more of Katie Minx… And post more about her here on the Lewd Fruit blog!

Katie Minx sure is a piece of lewd fruit…. She looks like she just might be dangerous! She is so hittble too!

And those high heels Katie Minx is wearing… Well, that’s to die for! That is just the icing on the cake!