Catie Minx Is A Tight Piece Of Ass

Catie Minix sure is a tight little piece of ass… She looks so skinny and her boobs are so small… I would be afraid to get on top of Catie Minix because I would be afraid to break her. That’s fine. All chicks like to be banged from behind anyhow and who doesn’t like that? Right? You know Catie Minix likes it any way she can get it, and she most likely likes it from behind doggie style because while she looks like the normal girl next door truthfully she’s a dirty little slut and likes to be fucked hard. Don’t tell me she doesn’t – I’ve seen the videos of her fucking herself with her vibrator. I know Catie Minix is a dirty little slut.

But… Aren’t they all?

Catie Minix sure is. I would hit that so hard like a screen door in a tornado. Twice.