Brooke Marks R2D2 Dress

I know you’ve seen Brooke Marks in her fucking R2D2 dress. Oh my fucking god yes please.

There are certain items every chick much have in her collection… A french maid outfit, high heels, thigh high boots… A dildo with a suction cup… And an R2D2 dress. Okay, being perfectly honest with you here… I’ve never met a girl who had a R2D2 dress before. (In my defense, I did date a chick who had a Lt. Uhra Star Trek dress and that was pretty hot.) But I’ve never banged a chick who had a R2D2 dress. I would if I could.

We’ve all seen the photos of Brooke Marks in her R2D2 dress, but never from this angle…. OMG who wouldn’t want to slide in behind her and tap that ass from behind. You know that little piece of fabric would just slide over to the side… Yum. I wonder if it would feel odd – I wonder if it would feel odd as if you were actually fucking R2D2. That would be odd but I think thought of fucking CP30 would be even worse. Then again, I’ve never seen any sexy woman in CP30 outfits.

Damn Brooke Marks looks fine here!

Yes, I would so fuck that ass! Who wouldn’t want to fuck Brooke Marks? Hard?