Banging Melissa Midwest

Melissa Midwest is the┬áholy grail of solo girls. She was pretty much flawless. In fact, I don’t believe I ever saw a single flaw in her. She’s blonde, tall, skinny, flat belly, and a great rack.

Big boobs and blonde hair is not only the hottest things about Melissa Midwest. The cross on her chest above her boobs is a special kind of hot. But there is so much more to her than just this. It’s about her attitude. They say you can’t put Baby in a corner, and this is a great way to think of Melissa Midwest. If you try to put her in her place she will quickly put you in your place. She doesn’t take any bullshit.

I like chicks that are bossy. Who doesn’t like chicks who are bossy? Melissa Midwest will tell you to get on the bed and take all of your clothes off. Then she will mount you and ride you like a cowgirl would. That’s what bossy girls do.

It would be fun to watch too.

Her tits are utterly amazing.

Imagine having Melissa Midwest riding on top of you with those huge boobs bouncing all around…. That’s the kind of fun that we need to have!