Banging Aspen Parker

Every now and then there is a chick you really want to bang. Maybe she reminds you of a chick you dated years ago, or maybe she’s so hot she’s way out of your league and you want to get with her. I’m not sure where Aspen Parker fits in but I am guessing she is way out of your league. I never dated a chick this hot and I was a good looking United States Marine when I was younger.

Look at the titties Aspen Parker has. They are perfect. For some reason I like I her hair – I think I want to fuck her hair. It’s just the right length for me. The rest of her body is just perfect with all of the body parts in just the right places…. She’s nice and tight all right.

For some reason Aspen Parker never got her own website. Thankfully we still get to see her on This Years Model… They have a lot of pictures of Aspen Parker.