Ashley Doll And Her Very Tight Ass

I have a love hate relationship with Ashley Doll. This photo comes from This Year’s Model.

Make no mistake about it, Ashley Doll is smoking hot. Every single one of us would gladly smash her daily and nightly and but not too slightly… But I have an issue with Ashley Doll. She has tattoos. Not just a little butterfly or shamrock or a tramp stamp; She has a huge tattoo taking up her entire shoulder. She’s cute but I have a thing against tattoos. Why would someone mark up something that so beautiful? It’s like putting a bumper sticker on a Ferrari; You  just don’t do it. It’s wrong.

But Ashley Doll is oh so fucking hot. With an ass like hers and a willingness to get down on her hands and knees… Yeah, we know what she likes now don’t we?

I don’t know how they do it but This Year’s Model always gets the hottest chicks… With an ass like Ashley Doll has she can have any man she wants!