Ariel Rebel Is Still Hot

Ariel Rebel is barely 100 lbs of yum.

All of thre chicks on the Lewd Fruit website are supposed to be dumb chicks you can talk into doing nearly anything. Want to poke them in the ass? You can talk them into it. Want them to dress up slutty and go out? Sex in public? Threesome? All of the chicks on Lewd Fruit here should be into it. But not Ariel Rebel. She’s a smartie. In fact, she’s super smart – as in she does her own graphics design. I really like chicks that are smarter than me. That’s a huge turn on. It’s even better when she’s smoking hot. And make no mistake about it, Ariel Rebel is smoking hot. You don’t have to try to trick Ariel Rebel into doing things – she’ll do them because she enjoys doing them.

She really loves the public nudity. Ariel Rebel loves getting naked outside. Oh, and a threesome? Secretly I think Ariel Rebel likes girls as much as she likes boys which is a thousand times hotter than tricking her into threesomes…

Looks like Ariel Rebel is all ready for the cold weather these days…. If I was banging her, I would use that scarf as a leash and bang her from behind.

If only I could trick Ariel Rebel into having sex with me.