Ann Angel Gets Naked In Car

From the very start Ann Angel was a hot little slut. She was a popular solo girl. Of coruse she as… When the girl next door is willing to spread her legs and bang herself with a huge thick glass dildo, well, that tends to make them rather popular. And what from what we’ve seen of Ann Angel she wasn’t afraid to do it all… Everyone likes girls like that.

Now Ann Angel has gone from the girl next door to being super slutty…. And she has a new website to go along with it. It might not get any hotter than this.

This picture of Ann Angel and her girlfriend Lacey was taken when they were crusing around. Of course, this was in Phoenix and it was hot out and when it’s hot in Phoenix, well, clothes tend to come off. The less clothes you have on the cooler you are in Phoenix. This might have been the only valid reason to live in Phoenix. Otherwise it was fucking horrible. I knew Lacey – she never did get her own website which is horrible – but Ann Angel I never got the chance to meet. But it looks like together Ann Angel and Lacey would have been a handful!